Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just a Rant

I'm just ranting off topic.

I'm so over parenting techniques and who says and does what. Who is cooler, who is wiser, who is right/wrong.

Guess what? We're all right and wrong. Parenting is an imperfect job, you'll never do it 100% correctly. And not every technique you study is perfect or the way others should be just cuz you are doing it.
Others have opinions on articles you may post on various sites. They have as much right to give their opinions on it whether they agree or not. You can't post an article and expect dissenters to pass it over and look the other way. Some may while others say their opinion....doesn't mean they are looking for drama or fights, just that it's a topic they feel equally strong about and needed to say what was on their minds. As a friend/buddy that shouldn't throw you into a tizzy, if it does then take them off your friends list cuz they obviously aren't a big deal to you. That's what I did tonight...defriended someone who couldn't handle a difference of opinion. Then her twit friend jumped the ass of those who simply stated they didn't agree...

So here is my parenting two cents for what it's not worth....

I think co-sleeping is stupid. Ya ya it used to be the big thing back in its day but it doesn't have to be anymore. I think homebirth are risky and foolish. I think slings and cloth diapers are cool but you don't need to overload the population with their glory. I think breast is best but sometimes it's not doable so hooray for formula! I also think you don't need to shove articles about its glory up people's butts...same with home/midwife birth vs hospital birth. Or drugged/no drugs or c/section vs vaginal birth.
NONE of it matters nor does any of it make one superior over another. Get over it already!!

Do what's best for YOUR family and leave the rest of us out of it.